Saturday, March 14, 2009

new to this...

I'm brand new to this, but I'm excited to start sharing & reading other blogs about fucking...I'm a very horny girl,  & I absolutely love black cock.  It's my favorite.   I try real hard to keep up a good girl image, but the minute I meet a black man, he can have my pussy.  & black men (all men, really) LOVE my pussy.  It's very tight & completely get's wet whenever there's a nice hard dick around.

I love sucking cock too.  I love feeling a man's cock grow in my mouth.  I love to look up at him with my green eyes while I suck on his powerful cock, & I'm always eager to swallow.  Unless he wants to cum on my face or tits (36C), then I allow him to do so.  & i also love to spread my legs wide & feel black cock fill me up & nice & full.  I even let them fuck my ass....

I'm a about you?  What do you love?

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